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Leadership Team

Welcome to our vibrant leadership team! At Unity Bay, we are a diverse group of passionate individuals driven by a shared commitment to provide the opportunity for individuals to live their best lives.

Headshot of Holly Frye, Executive Director at Unity Bay.

Holly Frye

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Cosandra Moten, Residential Director at Unity Bay.

Cosandra Moten

Residential Director
Headshot of Stacie Lassiter, Day Director at Unity Bay.

Stacie Lassiter

Day Director
Headshot of Chirsta Olds, Quality Assurance Director at Unity Bay.

Christa Olds

Quality Assurance Director
Headshot of Melinda Wood, Human Resources Director at Unity Bay.

Melinda Wood

Chief Human Resources Officer
Headshot of Alan Smoak, Finance Director at Unity Bay.

Alan Smoak

Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Sheila Wells, Procurement and Client Funds Director at Unity Bay.

Sheila Wells

Procurement and Client Funds Director
Headshot of David Hedleston, Information Systems Administrator at Unity Bay.

D.C. Hedleston

Information Systems Administrator